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Risk Management

We support you in determining the level of risk of loss in your business operations. This we do through a risk assessment which involves risk identification, risk measurement, risk monitoring and risk control. We then subsequently make recommendations on the requisite controls where applicable.

Business continuity management/planning

Unplanned events can have catastrophic effects. We assist your business to develop a framework to ensure resilience of the business to any eventuality, in order to ensure continuity of service to your customers and the protection of your brand and reputation.
We undertake risk assessment (RA), Business impact analysis (BIA) and derive Business continuity plan (BCP) for the business.

Corporate Governance

We assist your organization to develop, document, implement and monitor these processes.
The outcome is that your organization has credibility in the marketplace and therefore well positioned strategically both locally and abroad.

Strategic planning and feasibility development

With your business idea, we assist you to determine where the organization or business should go over the next few years, given the various environments.
We then take it a step ahead and propose ways of getting to your desired destiny. On request, we may take you through the implementation of the plan.

Investment advisory services

We support entrepreneurs intending/wishing to open new businesses in Uganda. Our support may include undertaking feasibility studies, legal and regulatory compliance advice and registration of business.

Systems audits

We perform offsite attack and penetration tests especially for the financial institutions and make recommendations. On request, we are able to assist with the implementation of the recommendations. In addition we develop value added services for ease of interoperability through third parties APIs.

Banking operations

We develop and review financial institutions / banking policies & procedure operations manuals/process maps. These are particularly crucial for the daily operations, management of risks and continuity of financial institutions. We also provide support in training the bank staff in the operations based on the newly developed or already existent processes.

Agency banking systems & implementation management

Agents can offer a solution to several issues that have been long been identified as obstacles to financial inclusion: We offer training for those who operate the agencies as well as those who own the businesses. Together with our Associates, we develop and deploy agency banking platforms to both big and small financial institutions. In summery we digitalize the business to suit demands of the millennials

Islamic Banking

We support institutions intending to offer Islamic financial Products and Services either through ‘windows’ or fully fledged Islamic institutions. Our experience in Islamic banking spans from valuable training by attachment of our core staff to regulatory authorities such as Bank Negara and Bank Indonesia as well as legal firms like DentonWildeSapte (DWS) Dubai.


We support both informal microfinance Institutions intending to graduate to formal regulated Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions as well as supporting those formal institutions intending to transform into banks or bank like credit institutions.

Tax and legal advisory services

We support businesses in providing the requisite legal advice on compliance and best practice. We are able to assist your organization avoid unnecessary penalties.

Anti-money laundering

We work with institutions in developing enterprise wide systems of detecting money laundering. Our expertise is derived from on- job training and attachment to the most leading and oldest World Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs).

Treasury Operations

Our support includes enhancing our clients’ ability to manage credit risks by developing high level policy principles of credit administration, asset quality reviews and training of employees from the policy makers and strategy leaders to the people who manage portfolio on a day to day basis. We design for our clients integrated and effective risk management and compliance structures, processes and controls.

Financial Management

We support businesses with both strategic financial management including planning and making projections for the long term to Operational finance issues including developing financial procedures manuals and implementation of processes and controls.
We are the best at designing strategic feasibility studies for projects

Recruitment and training


Business Law

Credit Administration

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